Mixed MAgics- NO spoilers!

Sarah Imholt Arahsae at netscape.net
Mon Jun 12 23:59:04 EDT 2000

bill-sarah at mindspring.com wrote:

>Lizzie, who is waiting quite impatiently for her new copy of Mixed Magics >to
arrive. . . . . 

This reminds me that I never commented about my copy.  Actually, I did but my
web connection died and I was too frustrated to repost.  SO: I liked the new
story, "Stealer of Souls."  It was fun.  I cannot say the same for the cover,
though.  Chrestomanci's robe is fine, except his clothes underneath clash with
it (Chrestomanci would NEVER commit such a fashion crime!)  And I cannot
figure out what is going on with his hair--are those flowing locks or a fancy
collar?!  And maybe this is just me, but he looks like a long-faced John
Cleese.  I think it is the quirked eyebrow.  

I got my copy of FIRE AND HEMLOCK also, and Hallie, I think it is somewhat
better than the "Ageless Laurel on Horse" copy I have.  Yes, Polly looks
creepy (I think they took inspiration from the "witchy" photo Seb took of her
and Granny), and the pouched eye of Mr. Leroy is out of place, but it is an
improvement.  I do like the Three Musketeers on the left in the background and
Tam Lin on the bottom left.

Anyway, I'm glad to have a hardcover copy of one of my very favorite books of
all time!


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