Do we live in world XII B (was:Re: New article)

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Mon Jun 5 22:59:43 EDT 2000

> >    whatever happened to Jason the bootboy?
> I always, for some reason, asssumed that his name was Micheal, and
> that he became Micheal Saunders.  This was supported by the fact that when
> I wrote to DWJ and commented she did not say otherwise (as she did to the
> suggestion that Micheal in HMC is Micheal in CL).  But this can't be
> if he's named Jason...

I always sort of thought that he was really Michael Saunders, too. . .
people do change their names, after all: for example Howell Jenkins to the
Wizard Howl. . .  I can believe that Michael Saunders was Jason the bootboy
a lot more easily than I can believe that he was Michael from HMC.  Michael
Saunders had a lot more confidence and, it seemed to me, talent than did
Michael the apprentice.  Besides, there's no sign of
his-girlfriend-who-is-Sophie's-sister in CL, and I didn't think that Sophie
for one would let him get that far away from her for long. . . .


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