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Mon Jun 5 16:58:57 EDT 2000

> PPS Counting C, Chant's lives.  He had only two left at the end of
> They were going to retrieve the one Milly - why on Earth did she go back
> spelling her name Millie, btw? - had left in the Asheth temple, but he
> only has two lives by the start of Charmed Life.  What became of it?

I don't know; I thought I knew and started writing this to explain, but then
I realized that I didn't know and erased everything.  I would have just not
sent this, only I've got a question:

    whatever happened to Jason the bootboy?

I always liked him. . . he had nice ideas.

And: don't you hate it when back blurbs give the twists in a story away?
Like in the lives of christopher chant, if I hadn't already known that he
would have nine lives from charmed life, I would have enjoyed being

Lizzie, who is waiting quite impatiently for her new copy of Mixed Magics to
arrive. . . . . .

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