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> > > How about fan-integrity consultants?
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> > <g>there's a thought.  how many productions could have avoided
> > jumping the shark if only they'd had fan-integrity consultants.
> > (
> The trouble with fan-integrity consultants is that, like people who
> spot continuity errors and film crews reflected in sunglasses, they
> can only comment on the finished product, by which stage it's too late
> to fix the problem. :)

  But they could hardly make it worse. . . .

> The other thing is that too much fan integrity can cause problems too.
> If the producers start worrying too much about what the fans will
> think, you can end up with a production only the fans will understand,
> which is not a good thing for ratings/box-office.

I'm currently rather scared about the x-men movie. . . I'm a superhero fan
in general, and a Rogue fan in particular, and I keep remembering that last
batman movie. . . . it seems to me that having a few more fans, or even
people with taste, at any stage of that movie would have helped somewhat. .
. scary thought: maybe it did.  back on subject, woudln't you think that if
a few DWJ fans happened to be in on the script development for the Homeward
Bounders, for example, that there would be a better chance that it would
appeal to us when it comes out?


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