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> > How about fan-integrity consultants?
> <g>there's a thought.  how many productions could have avoided
> jumping the shark if only they'd had fan-integrity consultants.
> (

The trouble with fan-integrity consultants is that, like people who
spot continuity errors and film crews reflected in sunglasses, they
can only comment on the finished product, by which stage it's too late
to fix the problem. :)

(I'm tempted to tie this in to a completely different thread, about
book covers, on another mailing list entirely, but I won't.)

The other thing is that too much fan integrity can cause problems too.
If the producers start worrying too much about what the fans will
think, you can end up with a production only the fans will understand,
which is not a good thing for ratings/box-office.

"Hold fast to the one noble thing."

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