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Just reading various articles. . . so was Janet really from our reality?  It
always seemed like she did, but I was always sort of bemused by the ending
of Witch Week.  When the splinter world combines with our world, wouldn't
our world become at least partly magical again?  There's one point in WW
where Chrestomanci says that he's always wondered why his ward's world has
so little magic; if they fix the problem, wouldn't you think that the world
would end up with more magic after all?  It doesn't seem to, though, because
at the end of the book they have a sort of scoffing attitude towards
witches.  Another thing: if that world and Chrestomanci's world are part of
the nine linked ones, and related to the nine lives bit, wouldn't the
splinter world give him another life or half life, and wouldn't getting rid
of it take one of his lives away?  Or did, by changing it, Nan et al keep it
all from ever happening and make all of this totally moot?  Um.  Looking
back at this, I think I've taken too many lit classes.  Nothing like higher
education to teach you to overanalyze the life right out of a book.

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> Entertaining article Andrew :-) thanks for the url. If anyone else wants a
> read, make sure you add that final "7" to the url.
> Sallyo.
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