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> How about fan-integrity
>  consultants?

<g>there's a thought.  how many productions could have avoided jumping the 
shark if only they'd had fan-integrity consultants. (

>  We here could be a bit like a Greek Chorus  ;)

lol <pictures a wailing, hand-wringing, black-robed huddle warning the 
director in rhyme>

>  I'd like to be a denizen of Creema di Leema, please.  I'm sure my boyfriend
>  would jump at the chance to be one of Them!  If I could pick a cartoon 
>  to be, I'd be the girl who buys the mushroom hat expecting to have a heart
>  of gold and ending up doing nothing for anyone :D   Who would you be?

perhaps a resident of Porthaven so i could see the battle at sea and be able 
to buy spells from Mrs Witch

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