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Fri Jun 9 10:31:34 EDT 2000

Andrew's article stated:

"On a brighter note, two other Jones novels (not Chrestomanci) are being
seriously considered for option by film companies."

Two?  Two??  Wha? Which two?  Howl and....??  

Hmm, do you think they need a gopher on the set? Or a, whatsit, key grip?
Coffee fetcher?  Foley factotum? Extras?  How about fan-integrity
consultants? We here could be a bit like a Greek Chorus  ;)

I'd like to be a denizen of Creema di Leema, please.  I'm sure my boyfriend
would jump at the chance to be one of Them!  If I could pick a cartoon extra
to be, I'd be the girl who buys the mushroom hat expecting to have a heart
of gold and ending up doing nothing for anyone :D   Who would you be?

"His [Andrew's] ambition is to write for every magazine with `anim` in the

many chuckles

That was a great article Andrew - thanks for sharing!.

>For anyone who's interested, I have an article on children's fantasy

Other-world Travellin' at

Sally, loved your other-world travel article(s) - nice examination. That's
interesting that you had to make it really obvious that it was another world
for 'Amy Day.'  *can* something be too subtle or not subtle enough?  

back to the trenches, thanks for adding value to my morning  ;)


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