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Mon Jul 31 09:33:18 EDT 2000

I've been gone for a couple of weeks - I was in the U.S., attending a 
convention marking the Centennial of the publication of "The Wizard of Oz". 
It was much fun, and worth the long trip. I over-participated as usual. At 
one lecture I was extremely embarassed to discover that the nice lady 
sitting quietly next to me and nodding her head at my comments was Alison 
Lurie. Urgle. And there I go opening my big mouth. But it was fine in the 
end, we struck up a conversation, and Lurie turned out to be a great sport.

Here's my two bits on some of the threads I've missed:

"Some critics believe that Shakespeare's plays were not written by 
Shakespeare at all, but by a different person by the same name."
(This has been circling on the net for a while, in a list of student 
bloopers. It may be in "Anguished English" as well.)

My cats are named as follows:

13-year old Jenny, a huge, gorgeous, half Angora "blue-cream" tomcat, was 
named after "Jennyanydots" of T.S.Elliot fame. Obviously, we didn't know he 
was a boy at the time, but Jenny he has stayed. I've since been given Paul 
Gallico's "Jenny" twice, I haven't read it in a while but I remember it as a 
sweet book.

11-year old Liki was named "Lee" by her mother's owners before she came to 
live with us. They were great Kung-Fu fans: the other two kittens in her 
litter were named "Bruce" and "Brandon". Lee was too short, so it kind of 
got expanded into the nonsense Liki. Liki used to be a svelte, sleek tabby, 
and now she's exactly the same but fat. Her maternal grandmother was my 
first cat, adopted from the streets when I was six. Her name was first 
"Tiger-Lilly", then changed to "Pudy Tat" (as in, "I tink I taw a pudy tat! 
I did! I did taw a pudy tat!)

Those two cats now reside in Jerusalem with my mother, who calls them my 
cats when she's complaining about their shedding and scratching furniture, 
but will not hear of my taking them with me to Tel-Aviv. So I had to adopt 
another cat for my new apartment, Sushi, we think she's about 3, a former 
stray who tried to raise a litter of 4 kittens in the underground parking 
lot of "Ha'aretz" newspaper where I used to work. We though of giving her 
all sorts of journalistic names, but in the end the one that stuck was 
"Sushi", because she looks like a peice of sushi when she curls up. (She's 
white, with greenish-tabby ears, tail and paws, and a bright pink nose). Her 
nickname is "Sashimi".

Last but not least, I too learned an honest-to-goodness cow-calling song 
when the children's choir I belonged to travelled to Switzerland. It's in 
German, I have no idea what the words mean and it's been a good 13 years 
since I last sang it but for what its worth, here's what I think the words 
used to sound like (it has a pretty lilting/yodelling sort of tune:)

Gang reuf die Bruhne (x2)
sie sollid alstam (x2)
(and then both lines repeated twice, the last line changes but I don't 
remember it)
Sennelle hoya hoya, Sennelle hoya hoy (x3)
Sennelle hoya hoya hoy!

And then each consecutive verse is exactly the same except "Bruhne" is 
replaced by some other word. I think "Bruhne" is "the brown one", and then 
it goes on to "the spotted one", "the lame one", etc.

Sennelle hoya hoya hoy!

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