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Sally, quoting Alex:

>>I think the funniest Georgette Heyer is the one where the heroine, Penn,
>>dresses up as a boy - I can't remember the title
> That's the Nonesuch, I think... and yes, it is funny. Quite a few of them

I'm afraid Alex (in her later post) was right - it's The Corinthian.  I tend to
confuse it with Sprig Muslin, rather than the Nonesuch, for some reason...

> are, but like DWJ (see, I'm back on topic!) Heyer wrote books that didn't
> necessarily resemble one another. I really disliked Cousin Kate and couldn't
> get along with The Conqueror or My Lord John, but Faro's Daughter was great
> fun and I really liked the Toll Gate, Venetia and The Unknown Ajax.

I can see why you didn't like Cousin Kate.  The Conqueror is good, but
different.  My Lord John she didn't finish, which can't have helped.

All the others you mention (including the Nonesuch) I agree are very funny.  I
would add Frederica and False Colours.  My father claims Cotillion is the
funniest, while my mother would claim Arabella, so I might as well mention those
too.  (Although I find Arabella almost as bad as Pratchett for humour laid on
too thickly)

I'd like to put a word in for my favourite cartoonists, too.  Charles Addams -
the finest refutation of the thesis that Americans don't understand black humour
- and Norman Thelwell - an extremely funny artist of the English Pastoral


PS you list people have almost persuaded me to recover Creswell's "Ordinary
Jack" from the "books to be given away when I can summon the courage to do so"
heap and try reading it again...

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