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> I've been forcing myself through 17th century Spanish lit all month and I
> could really use a good laugh.  I know humor is very subjective, but does
> anyone have any suggestions for a few good books (any genre0 that you
> think are really funny?
> Thanks

I just finished having a festival of Judith Merkle Riley books.  The one
I've only just completed (again) is The Oracle Glass.  It is inexpressably
hilarious.  The only potential drawback is the setting: Paris in the 1670's
- this might be too close to your work!  On the other hand, it might be even
more fun for you.  A girl is raised to hold reason and scientific method as
the highest ideals - and then falls in with fortune tellers and witches (of
the Left-Hand Path variety) because she has this unaccountable, unscientific
gift for reading images in water.  Oh, I can't tell you how funny and sharp
this book is.

Before that I read Vision of Light and In Pursuit of the Green Lion - those
are set in 14th century England and follow wonderfully fun characters - a
wrathy knight, his scholarly contentious younger son, a village girl turned
practical mystic, an entrepreneurial alchemist, a couple of ghosts with
opinions on everything, and an incredibly repellant Comte with extremely bad
taste in poetry.  SO good! 

And before that! I read The Serpent Garden, same author - re: a woman
miniaturist in the England of Henry VIII - I can't even find words for that


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