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Fri Jul 28 06:43:29 EDT 2000

 BTW: before I read Hexwood I saw many posts
on rec.arts.books.childrens about how dreadful it was-- and I don't agree--
and I suspect that a lot of readers just don't enjoy tricky time

It is difficult to work out what's going on in Hexwood, particularly if you
only read it once. It makes demands on the reader, and doesn't conform to
many of the fantasy stereotypes. If you didn't know dwj but just picked the
book up expecting an easy "teen fantasy" read I can see why you'd be
disappointed. Now, all of us dedicated fans are prepared to put the work in
and join in the game... (It's one of my favourites. Just behind Howl, and
Deep Secret- oh, and Dogsbody- and I haven't read Witch Week for a while...)
On reading this over it sounds a bit sneery. I do think, though, that if a
book is very different to your expectations, and particularly if it requires
more thought than your usual reading, it's difficult to like it. 
Although how people can fail to be drawn in by Mordion or Yam or the
awfulness of the Reigners once they start reading it I don't understand.
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