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Practically anything by Dave Barry. Particularly the first, say, four of his
books you read, after which you start noticing mannerisms. (They're still
very amusing though). My favourites are Dave Barry's Only Travel Guide
You'll Ever Need and Dave Barry Slept Here; A Sort Of History Of The United
States. Calvin and Hobbes, even if you don't like cartoons. I think And Now
All This is even better than 1066 And All That (both by Sellers and
Yeatman). There's a wonderful book called Science Made Stupid which I'm sure
is out of print but is hilarious. Will Cuppy, a humour columnist from the
30s, I think- I only have one of his books but am always looking for more.
Bill Bryson, especially Notes From A Small Island. Garrison Keillor- not
usually rotfl, but deep smiles. Terry Prattchet, of course. A lot of people
think Tom Holt is great, it's comic fantasy set in this world (or somwhere
quite like it). Oh, definitely, the Molesworth books by Geoffrey Willans
(illus. Ronald Searle). School life torn into shreds and misspelled. In fact
here are some reviews from Amazon to tempt you:
                        back in hisstericks agane 
                        This is the funniest book in the entire world. Its a
collection of the 4 original books which came out in the 1950s. I first got
one of these - 'How To Be Topp' - as a skoolboy (brave noble fearless cheers
cheers cheers ect) and have been hooked ever since. I read this again about
once a year and it always has me in helpless giggles, much to the amazement
of my family who think I must be uterly bats. 
                        Every boys guide to skool and how to survive it 
                        Nigel Molesworth, hero of my youth (and indeed the
rest of my life). To call this a work of nostalgic genius is too low praise.
Let banners be hung and trumpets play out in praise of Molesworth,
Molesworth 2, Peason (his grate friend) and the rest of the denizens of St.
Custards, a latter day Dotheboys Hall. Maybe the English public school
system is outdated and in need of change, but surely any institution which
can have provided the impetus behind this series of books is not all bad.
Anyone who sez otherwise is a sneke, and will be scragged after Prep, chiz,
chiz (which is a swizz or a swindle as any fule kno) 

Sorry, I will now stop. As you may be able to tell I read nearly as much
"humour" as I do fantasy, and have equally strong opinions about it (PJ
O'Rourke- ick).

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I've been forcing myself through 17th century Spanish lit all month and I
could really use a good laugh.  I know humor is very subjective, but does
anyone have any suggestions for a few good books (any genre0 that you
think are really funny?  

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