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	Oooh - Bellaires's _The House With the Clock in its Walls_ is a
great book - scary (somewhat) up until the hysterical poker playing
thing.  I absolutely second the Bagthorpes, btw.  Along with DWJ, one of
the things that I reread now and wonder: "I had the sophistication to
enjoy _that_ when I was nine!?"  Only more so, given all of the references
to various cultural things that I'm fairly sure I didn't know about when I
was nine...


"What can I say about the Bible?  The greatest book ever, it is more than
a book.  If you buy one book EVER, this is the one.  Non-believers need to
read this in any form.  I don't want to spoil the end, but let's just say
YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE." review of the Bible, thanks to the NYT Week
In Review section of 06-16-00

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> Well, if you can FIND it...
> John Bellaires The Face in the Frost is one of the wierdest books of its era 
> (the late '60s unfortunately) which veers wildly from helpless snickering to 
> get-up-and-turn-on-the-lights creepy without a trace of warning.
> And if you are in the mood for painless lessons in 19th century military 
> history, there are always the Flashman novels...

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