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No, I suspect that Black Maria/Aunt Maria is not the most popular egg in the 
basket. This one was written very close in time to A Sudden Wild Magic, and 
she seemed to be exploring some of the same themes in both. But it's biggest 
problem is a side effect of the first-person nariative. Because it seems as 
if the narrator is heavily mired in a spell of boredom for most of the 
earlier part of the story. And it is difficult (to impossible!) to read 
through the fog and get any clear idea of what is going on. 

The end result is that when the gloves finally do come off, it's like ambling 
round a corner, right into a bucket of ice water dashed in your face! It 
wakes you up all right, but by then the story has gotten away from you and 
you never feel as if you have quite managed to catch up with it. By the end 
you are throughly out of breath and a bit frazzled. It's masterfully done. 
But I can't say that the feeling is altogether pleasant.
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