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Thu Jul 27 21:38:01 EDT 2000

before I read Hexwood I saw many posts
>on rec.arts.books.childrens about how dreadful it was-- and I don't agree--
>and I suspect that a lot of readers just don't enjoy tricky time

Don't say that! I've just finished writing one... Time-travel (to put it
loosely) and/or reality shift are very difficult things to write well, but I
am drawn back to them over and over. I've done t-t in about 5 books
(Timedetectors, A Theft in Time, Trinity Street, Fools' Gold and A Boy's
Best Friend) sort-of t-t in Wolfmaster and reality shift in several others.
My current novel is both - the action takes place in another world that is
very slightly connected to this one through synchronicity (is that a word?)
and time re-runs once in a major way and other times in a brief burst. It is
*so8 difficult to sort out because if A and B meet in Month 6 then A is
tossed back to Month 3 and goes to meet B, then B doesn't know A though A
knows B. If A has proof of the former (Month 6) visit, in the shape of a
brand from an item that B owns, can B accept it? And will the Month 6 visit
still take place in this revised time-line?  Add to this that A obtains a
map from C in Month 7 and still has it when she and C meet (for the first
time from C's pov ) in Month 4 and you get a lovely tangle.

I take the view that what has happened to A has happened. She lives Months
3 - 9 twice and that makes her 12 months older, not 6 months older. She
retains all physical signs of bother timelines and all memories but C and B
have lived only one time-line so they remember only their own subjective
first meetings with A.

That's the only way I can handle this. I *really* distrust the kind of t-t
where 20 y-o Z goes into the past for 3 years and comes home again still 20.

Now, given the above, how do you all feel about the chance that A might meet
herself? i'm inclined to think it couldn;t happen because it didn't...


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