Sally Odgers sodgers at
Thu Jul 27 21:26:49 EDT 2000

I've been forcing myself through 17th century Spanish lit all month and I
could really use a good laugh.

It does depend on what you find funny. The funniest story I know is How
Anthony made a Friend by an Mark - it never fails to make me laugh aloud.
However, not everyone finds that funny. Also Robert Westall's The Girl Who
Couldn't Say No. Some of Piers Anthony's stuff is very funny - though not
the stuff he *intends* to be funny. On a Pale Horse has a really wicked
scene in a hospital ward ... James Herriot is funny to some people. I find
Howl's Moving Castle very funny, but more smiling funny than laughing funny.
I could go on, but I reckon you get the pic? Heyer's Devil's Cub and The
Unknown Ajax have very funny scenes... Jilly Cooper's 1960s romances are
funny, her non fiction can be *very* funny - and so on! Basically, I like
fun that comes from a good story rather than slapstick or sit-com type


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