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I still find P G Wodehouse's Psmith books very funny and I think Georgette
Heyer is too. I tend to read GH when I'm ill or overtired. I also find Jane
Austen amusing though I realise it's not a  view shared by all. Anne Fine's
books for children are hilarious though her adult ones are quite disturbing
and one of the funniest books for children that I have ever read is Louise
Fitzhugh's 'Nobody's Family Is Going to Change'. I loved Roy Hattersley's
'Buster's Diary' (For those of you not in the UK, Roy Hattersley is a
politician who adopted a rescue dog which proceeded to get into lots of
trouble. The book is written from the dog's perspective and is very funny
both about how a dog might feel about his life and also in that RH seems to
view his own life in quite an ironical way.

I don't know what anyone else thinks about books that are placed in the
'humour' section of a shop, but I almost invariably shudder as I read them.


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I've been forcing myself through 17th century Spanish lit all month and I
could really use a good laugh.  I know humor is very subjective, but does
anyone have any suggestions for a few good books (any genre0 that you
think are really funny?

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