Philosopher's Stone

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Thu Jul 27 07:40:16 EDT 2000

>Do you think using crystals as mage-focuses would bring them alive after a

I used to have "magic stones" when I was young. I'd never heard of pet rocks
or healing crystals but I used to like collecting river pebbels. I believed
in fairies and the magic stones were an extension of that. They didn't do
any magic themselves, they just *were*. I think they were sentient, because
I'd ask a likely pebble if it was magic and either it would answer or it
wouldn't. From my vast age now I don't understand how this worked, but I
know it did and I suspect it *might* have had to do with dowsing (the
pendulum sort). That works for me to this day, but I don't know how to read
the results. And even now I get the urge to pick up some pebbles... but I
don;t ask them any more. What if they answered me?

So - any takers? Anyone else have this kind of memory from their pre-ten-age


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