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Wed Jul 26 17:11:06 EDT 2000

On Mon, 24 Jul 2000, Courtney M Eckhardt wrote:
> "understanding" wine) and I love about a quarter shot of some flavored
> hard liquors over ice cream (chambourd (raspberry) on chocolate is a
ooh, ooh! Tia Maria or Kahlua on ice cream is *wonderful*. I guess now
that I've followed y'all off on this tangent I should continue...When I'm
home, I drink exactly once a week, this being a bit of Manishevitz for
Shabbat blessings. I've gotten to like it more than I did when I was
little, but I still am not fond of wine in general. I don't like hard
liquor, because either I can't taste it (like when it's in a screwdriver
or something) and then I don't see what the point is (as I also am
somewhat of a control freak and would rather seem drunk when I'm just
being silly than actually *be* drunk--I don't deal well with headaches,
either), or I can taste it and it tastes yucky. I disapprove of people who
drink to excess and then run around making noise and scaring me by
pounding on my door when I'm trying to sleep. I cannot deal with cigarette
smoke secondhand, which makes me happy because it means I'd never be
tempted to try for myself.

And now back to the topic:
> >-snip-
> >> Time City:
> >> And to be an opinionated minority, I now want to loudly declare that
> >> I *loved* A Tale of Time City and I thought the world there was just
> >> wonderful.  ;)
ditto. it's one of my favorites.

> And now I shall insert a SPOILER WARNING.
> It took me a little while to come to this conclusion, but I believe one
> is not supposed to agree with Faber John's and the Time Lady's reasons
> for exiling Vivian.
and my mother's thought about the two of them, which is not really a
response, but.... Why does Faber John call her "Time Lady, my wife"? I do
realize that the only other name we know she could be called would be
Vivian, which would make things highly confusing, but really. If you
haven't seen your wife for, what, millenia? even if you had a fight, you
wouldn't keep calling her by what is sort of a title.

"I am a kind of paranoiac in reverse. I suspect people
of plotting to make me happy."
        --J.D. Salinger

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