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Calling all Diana Wynne Jones scholars! A British publisher has
expressed interest in a possible collection of essays about
Jones. I need contributors who can send me a title and abstract
for a proposed article as soon as possible. You wouldn't actually
have to write the article yet. If the book proposal is accepted,
someone will come after you with a big stick. The editors are
open to any and all ideas about Jones's work, including her
science fiction for adults, her place in the world of literature,
her vast superiority over J. K. Rowling, etc. (We sold the
publisher on the collection based on the current popularity of
fantasy literature due to Harry Potter.) We would love to have
contributors from Britain and the Commonwealth countries and from
people of the male persuasion since most of our confirmed
contributors are American females.

If you are interested, please e-mail any questions or abstracts to
Donna R. White at the following address: milliew at And
please forward this message to any person or list-serv that might be

Donna R. White
P. O. Box 534
Russellville, AR  72811
e-mail: milliew at

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