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Melissa Proffitt Melissa at Proffitt.com
Wed Jul 26 13:46:15 EDT 2000

On Wed, 26 Jul 2000 23:28:52 +1000, Amaya Booker wrote:

>Does anyone remember the old BBC television series of his book Chocky? It
>was what really got me hooked. 

Wow, really?  I read _Chocky_ last year and discovered that I was in fact
RE-reading it.  Great book, spooky for parents.  I can imagine it on TV.

>But the Chrysalids is probably right up there
>as one of my great reads.

Me too.  Unfortunately I tend to mix up H.M. Hoover's _Children of Morrow_
with it.  Don't know why.
>I'd have thought The Day of the Triffids and the Midwich Cuckoos would be
>the books for which you know him best, having made such a hit in Hollywood.

Except that I never knew "Village of the Damned" was based on _Midwich
Cuckoos_ until recently...another example of retitling that loses some of
the lovely quirkiness that is a John Wyndham title.  (But it also assumes
that you know something about the breeding habits of cuckoos.)

Melissa Proffitt
(going to the library to get _King Kelson's Bride_ and indulge in some
childhood nostalgia--did it actually take her 10 years to write this book?)
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