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Amaya Booker amaya at whatever.net.au
Wed Jul 26 09:28:52 EDT 2000

Oooooh two of my favourite authors in one post :)

> ...actually, having reviewed my mental list and turfed out a few books
> that were really by John Christopher,
Yay John Christopher. I recently found myself copies of the Tripod Trilogy a
series I'd loved in Primary school. I was in love again.. . however at 120
odd pages a book it's only really a night's reading.

I can only remember having read
> _The Triffids_ and "Compassion Circuit". But I keep *intending* to
> read more.
Does anyone remember the old BBC television series of his book Chocky? It
was what really got me hooked. But the Chrysalids is probably right up there
as one of my great reads.

I'd have thought The Day of the Triffids and the Midwich Cuckoos would be
the books for which you know him best, having made such a hit in Hollywood.

I find it upsetting that his era of science fiction had such great ideas and
today so many writers just spurn out more clones of the same stuff. (Our
delightful DWJ exempt from such calls of course )

Who's reading the Darklord of Derkholm for the first time (having finally
found a copy in Brisbane!) and is delighted by such a fresh new idea

There's no justice.

There's just us.

amaya at whatever.net.au

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