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Wed Jul 26 06:08:30 EDT 2000

Thanks for all the ideas! I like Brin and Le Guin and love Bujold so I'll
definitely give the others a try- if I can find them, of course... I didn't
know Weber had done any fantasy, so thanks to Melissa for alerting me.
I spent quite a while deliberately not reading space opera, but having
dipped my toe in they aren't bad if the author can do characters.
Mind you, my to-buy list is getting too long- after an earlier discussion
about Patricia Wrede I looked on Amazon not really expecting anything, and
there are the Enchanted Forest Chronicles- and they have The Physiology of
Taste, too, which I thought wouldn't be reprinted. Why am I not a
millionaire??? (Of course, when the rest of the dwj books are *finally*
reprinted and Amazon sends me the ones I pre-ordered that'll cut down on the
list quite a bit.)

on 25.7.2000 12:32, Rowland, Jennifer A B at jennifer.rowland at

> Usually I read instead... I've just come across David Weber, who writes
> space wars that I like a lot- anyone else into sci-fi as well as fantasy?
> Elizabeth Moon and CJ Cherryh are good but any other recommendations?)

Hee hee, you asked for it =). Of the ones Melissa already mentioned, I agree
that Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan series and Vernor Vinges books are
really great. I liked Brin's Startide Rising and Uplift War, as well, but
the later books in this series were not as good as these two.

Other ones that you might like are Sharon Lee and Steve Miller's Liaden
series which is really good space opera. The first three, which have been
unavailable for a long time, have just this year been republished as an
omnibus edition named Partners in Necessity. The fourth book in the series
is called Plan B, all of these are published by Meisha Merlin.

I also like Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald's Mageworlds series (I think
five or six books by now, the latest was just published in hardcover, but
I'll wait for the paperback). The writing in these isn't IMHO not as good as
in the Lee/Miller series but they were very entertaining, especially for the
classical Star Wars -like atmosphere of them (before Episode One...).


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