Fire and Hemlock (i.e. Tam Lin)/reprints

Rowena Macrae-Gibson rowena.macrae-gibson at
Tue Jul 25 07:07:30 EDT 2000

For those of you who want to compare different versions of Tam Lin, there's 
a good page at that lists various versions and has 
lots of interesting info.

Neil has asked which book he should read next. I'd say read *anything* by 
DWJ that you can lay your hands on! (But try and get the original of Ogre, 
as the reprint was edited; reprints of Cart & Cwidder** are also edited, 
much to my great annoyance, as my old paperback copy is falling apart.)
However, I'm also tempted to say, well just reread Fire & Hemlock. DWJ 
books just demand to be read and re-read. I remember one time a couple of 
years ago that I reread F&H (again!) 3 times in quick succession, starting 
at the beginning again as soon as I'd finished it (starting to become 
obsessive there!). It's amazing that I still find new things her books, 
even after multiple readings, and even with books that I first read over 20 
years ago and must have read a hundred times! 

** The reprint of C&C that was issued when Crown of Dalemark was 
first released is definately edited. I've only had a quick look at the new 
reprint (the Oxford children's classics one), but my impression was that 
this is also edited. What a shame. But it seems that books have to be 
squeezed into series these days.


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