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Courtney said
>  The thought of being drunk or high or in any other mind-altered
> > state where I don't have full control over what I say and do has
> > always bothered me... I always felt that there were things in my
> > mind that were very private that I didn't want to get out

and Paul replied
> That's another of my reasons for avoiding mind-altering substances.
> I really want some of the things in my head to stay there.
> (Voice in Paul's head: Why don't you give up mailing lists and message
>  	forums, then?
>  Second voice in Paul's head: That's different.
>  Voice in Paul's head: Is it? How?
>  Second voice in Paul's head: I've never completely lost control of
>  	what I let out on a message forum. 
>  Voice in Paul's head: That's debatable.
>  Third voice in Paul's head: Psst - you're gathering an audience.
>  [Voice in Paul's head wanders off behind parietal lobe, looking 
>  	smug.])

That's very funny Paul. It made me think about some of the things 
I've found myself writing since I joined this list -- the reading and 
foreplay comment springs to mind. The only substance that has 
given me serious problems with self control is alcohol, especially 
when you reach the stage where you no longer realise its a good 
idea to stop! These days if I ever have a vodka and southern 
comfort I make sure its at last orders so I can't go on to have the 
second and the third and ..........................As I said befoore 
however I have a built in curb on drinking these days. Alcohol is 
supposed to have a beneficial effect on language abitlty (ha, I like 
this typo so much I'll keep it). I've certainly noticed myself that I 
can have an increased fluency in writing after a trip to the pub. I'm 
sure I don't need to point out the dangers of this approach though 
or the many literary casualties that have resulted. One of the 
interesting things about the consciousness altering stuff is how 
much control one retains, you stay sensible about the things you 
are normally sensible about. You can have a wild old time on the 
moors, get utterly mystical about the landscape and still get back 
to civilisation in time to summon the prearranged lift, and be 
amazed you'd had the foresight to put chocolate cookie ice cream 
in the fridge.

BTW I'm going to my Dad's for a few days, the longest I will have 
been away from e mail since I started using it. That will be a test of 
the strength of the habit!

You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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