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Robert asked,
> Just out of interest, have you ever read any John Varley??
> I seem to recall a Cirocco Jones in Titan/Wizard/Demon series...It's not
> a common name at all. If not, why Cirocco?
I guess you missed the first post on this topic. Yes she was called 
after that Cirocco (pronounced Shurocco), she suited the meaning 
too, a hot desert wind, as she was tortie and white with flaming 
orange patches. I was very into Varley at the time. I fell out with 
him after reading the story "Press Enter". Unfortunately what I 
found to dislike in that story (a certain emotional manipulativeness) 
seemed to pervade the rest of the work too and I haven't really 
enjoyed his work since. Still with the exception of Steel beach, 
which I hated, I 've still got all the books so I may have another look 

You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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