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Mon Jul 24 17:20:18 EDT 2000

>Tam Lin is a story that seems to attract fantasy authors and balladeers
>like anything, although most of them deal with it in a much more
>straightforward way than DWJ. I really like Pamela Dean's Tam Lin - it is
>certainly an interesting one to compare with Fire and Hemlock. Someone in
>the book (Polly?) also says Thomas Lynn is more like Thomas the Rhymer,
>despite his name - I guess this is true in terms of the experience of Polly
>and Thomas in having their stories come true, but the plot of the book as a
>whole certainly follows the poem.
Also try Thomas the Rhymer by Ellen Kushner -- although it's not as good as
Tam Lin (One of my personal favorites).  I suppose F&H follows more closely
to Tam Lin, although there is not much of the Rhymer to follow.  I was
thinking that the Rhymer was also a musician (Harp) whereas Tam Lin reminds
me more of Leslie.  Also the catching of Tam Lin seems less inkeeping with
Laurel as that of the Rhymer (Where he becomes caught up in her beauty).
The later half of the book follows closely to Tam Lin, though.  (Point two,
can you imangine Polly whining "But how shall I thee keen Tam Lin? Or how
my true love know, amoung so many uncouth knights, the like I never saw?",
or Dean's Janet for that matter.  Heroines have really come a long way:)

Emilene Bird Vivian Starr
~Magic is real, unless it's integer~ (Richard Cook)

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