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Mon Jul 24 13:53:27 EDT 2000

On Mon, 24 Jul 2000 00:29:48 -0400, Courtney M Eckhardt wrote:

>I do self-medicate with caffeine, but oddly enough not for its properties
>as a stimulant- it is closely related to a prescription anithistimine
>called Theophylline, and when I an having allergy or asthma troubles I
>drink lots of coffee and chai to help them. 

Me too!  I very rarely have asthma trouble, and the one time I was actually
being treated for it, I got pregnant almost immediately afterward and all my
symptoms disappeared (according to the nurse, that's fairly common).  And I
find that when I use it in that fashion, I don't get as hyper as I otherwise

>Time City:

>Someone (I'm sorry I can't remember who, and I can't find the email,
>despite grubbing through the archives for a few hours) said that they
>disliked the fact that the Time City inhabitants seemed to take History as
>fixed from their vantage point.  I didn't like this either, but I don't
>think you're supposed to.

I remember that this was stated more or less overtly in the book somewhere,
that the Time City inhabitants had gotten very complacent about a lot of
things, one of which was their certainty that they were a fixed point (even
though they were also moving through time).

Melissa Proffitt
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