Fwd: Re: Fire and Hemlock (Warning long, semi-legible ballad (i.e. Tam Lin)

Robyn Starkey robyns at corplink.com.au
Mon Jul 24 02:36:39 EDT 2000

>I also really liked F&H the first time I read it and it's one of my 
>favorite books, but there's also something to be said for re-reading the 
>book after you've read Tam-Lin (which I dead after reading F&H) for those 
>of you not familiar with the ballad Here it is (Have fun): This is only 
>the most common and not the one DWJ used (She quotes verses not in here)

Tam Lin is a story that seems to attract fantasy authors and balladeers 
like anything, although most of them deal with it in a much more 
straightforward way than DWJ. I really like Pamela Dean's Tam Lin - it is 
certainly an interesting one to compare with Fire and Hemlock. Someone in 
the book (Polly?) also says Thomas Lynn is more like Thomas the Rhymer, 
despite his name - I guess this is true in terms of the experience of Polly 
and Thomas in having their stories come true, but the plot of the book as a 
whole certainly follows the poem.


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