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Paul Andinach pandinac at
Mon Jul 24 01:30:46 EDT 2000

On Mon, 24 Jul 2000, Courtney M Eckhardt wrote:

> I won't drink alcohol "socially", but I do drink alcohol for the
> flavor.

How odd. The flavour is near the top of my reasons for not drinking

> The thought of being drunk or high or in any other mind-altered
> state where I don't have full control over what I say and do has
> always bothered me... I always felt that there were things in my
> mind that were very private that I didn't want to get out

That's another of my reasons for avoiding mind-altering substances.
I really want some of the things in my head to stay there.

(Voice in Paul's head: Why don't you give up mailing lists and message
 	forums, then?
 Second voice in Paul's head: That's different.
 Voice in Paul's head: Is it? How?
 Second voice in Paul's head: I've never completely lost control of
 	what I let out on a message forum. 
 Voice in Paul's head: That's debatable.
 Third voice in Paul's head: Psst - you're gathering an audience.
 [Voice in Paul's head wanders off behind parietal lobe, looking 

> And even now I read while walking places (if you've never barked
> your shins on a fire hydrant and then apologized to it for running
> into it you're missing out on valuable reading time!)

We don't have fire hydrants here. :)

Actually, I don't read while walking so much any more. I think I've
decided that the quality of the reading time isn't good enough,
because I have to keep dipping in and out.

> Time City:
> And to be an opinionated minority, I now want to loudly declare that
> I *loved* A Tale of Time City and I thought the world there was just
> wonderful.  ;)

> It's like that horrible "trial" at the end where Vivian was to be
> exiled for something outside her control because it would be
> inconvenient to have her in Time City or in History (which they
> thought they needed to maintain control of).

It's possibly to love AToTC and dislike the trial at the end?
I'm reassured. Thank you.

"Hold fast to the one noble thing."

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