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Courtney M Eckhardt cme at MIT.EDU
Mon Jul 24 00:51:22 EDT 2000

Here are the cats I've been owned by with the most interesting names:

Mesha was a beatiful long-haired cat who was bought as a kitten when I
was a baby so that we could gwo up together.  He always knew his name,
and always answered to it, but more amazing than that was that he always
knew when *he* was being called.  He'd answer to things like "hey,
sweetheart!" when we meant him even though we called all of the cats such

Simba was procured right around the time Disney's "The Lion King" came
out (no surprises there, I'm sure).  The family spent a week arguing over
names for this cat; he was an exotic breed and everyone felt sure that he
needed a special name, but my mother and youngest sister held all of the
votes between them and settled on "Simba".  Gratifyingly enough, no one
ever believed them when they maintained that he'd been named after the
lead tiger of the Ringling Brothers' Barnham and Bailey Circus, though
there was in fact a lead tiger by that name.  Eventually he came be be
called "Spot" more often than anything else, as he had a beautiful
spotted coat and those of us who had lost the naming war were not above
picking on the winners. ;)  In second place was "getdownyoudamnstupidcat"
or "stopthatyoufoolishclumsyanimal" or permutations of the same.... not
that he ever answered to any of them.  We never did figure out if that
cat was just stupid or smart enough to play dumb when necessary...


In message <20000722193337.8636.qmail at ww182.netaddress.usa.net>, Sarah Imholt 
>I'm enjoying reading about pet's names.  Here's mine, ridiculous as they are:
>Two cats--
>Velcro who also answers to Kee, Kit-ten, and Mutzi (I think this has Swiss
>connections via my mom, but I don't want to add mangled Swiss to the mangled
>German strand!)
>The other is Norman, short for Norman Schwarz-Katze (he's black and we also
>got him during the Gulf War) who responds vaguely to Normandy, Normandio, and
>Then there's the two dogs--
>Tucker, also Tucky-Wucky (I hate this, but he loves it) and Tucker-Doodle-Dog
>which my dad calls him.
>Lizzie, aka Lizzie-Beth, and most recently, Fat Old Lady as she just had six
>pups and is not looking her best underneath!
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