Mangled German (and Orthography reform)

Britta Koch bkoch at
Sun Jul 23 11:42:49 EDT 2000

On 22 Jul, Jacob Proffitt wrote:
> On Sat, 22 Jul 2000 12:08:22 +0200 (CEST), Britta Koch wrote:
>>Another question for the people who know German on this list: have you
>>heard about the new orthography? They've made eszet (? or ß)
>>become ss after a short voewl, so that "da?" (daß) is now "dass",
>>and changed the writing together of certain words, even Enlish ones
>>(like "Come-back"!). Some people say it's too little of a reform, that
>>we should drop capitalization of nouns and use the English way, others
>>say that even that reform is too much (and I'm just happy to ignore it
>>as long as I can...)
> Why would the power that be want to Anglicize German?  That's just silly.
> Almost as silly as all the stupid Latinate rules imposed on English in the
> 19th Century.

Well, it's not really anglicizing German - just getting rid of the
capitalization of all nouns (and nouned verbs), and only capitalize at
the beginning of sentences and names (and maybe proper nouns, and
Important Things... I like that last one). It does make sense in a way,
since even most Germans can't remember it all (but then, spelling
errors seem to have multiplied in the last few years, regardless of the
increase of computer use with spellcheckers).


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