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Tanaqui wrote:

> I wonder if Durmstrang from _Goblet of Fire_ is intrinsically annoying
> to the Germanic reader? Can't even collapse the phrase without switching
> the vowel sounds...

Vot? Vhy should dat be?

Er, you know, while it might be that they have a Germanic kind of accent, I
thought Durmstrang vood have to be in somewhere in the "east", with names like
Karkaroff, Poliakoff, etc. OK, Krum sounds vaguely German, but he comes frum
Bulgaria, doesn't he? So I vood (you can tell I voos fascinated by "I vood
like some vine") assume it is some kind of eastern "russian" accent. Or why do
you think it should be so annoying? (More zan ze french accent?) Or is there a
joke to Durmstrang I didn't get?

Whilst I think my English sounds quite allright, I know that the V ( I think
even more than the W) is a problem. I can do it consciously, but when I don't
think about it, that sort of slips. You know, a lot of attention is paid to
getting TH and R right, but V and W, we don't seem to "hear" ist when it's
wrong. (I remember my british guest father going on and on making me say
"What's your favorite vegetable?", thinking the way I said it was so funny. In
retrospect a bit rich from someone who coundn't speak *any*  foreign
languages...Which, btw seems to be true for the Hogwarts students, too.)

(who also ignores the ortografi reform as much as she can)

PS: I loved the inscription on the organ in Terry Pratchetts "Carpe Jugulum",
though. Like: "Come, Chiltren ov ze Darrk, Listen to ze musick ov de Night"

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