Namecalling songs

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Sat Jul 22 12:58:27 EDT 2000

Well there's an ironic (and fairly extensive) list of the names of 
blue-collar bars in the chorus of X's "The Have Nots", and I'm told that a 
long time ago (early '70s) when they werestill going by Mystic Knights of the 
Oingo Boingo, thye used to sing a song called "Sepulveda" which was made up 
of L.A. street names... (But I wasn't a fan of them until they started 
cutting vynel, and they never recorded that one).

I do recall an honest-to-ghod cow calling song that we sang the year I was in 
the A Cappella choir in High School. But it was in some nordic language or 
other, possibly Swedish. Title was something like "Kde su krave Moje" (that's 
semi phonetic spelling, I haven't a clue of what the title actually looked 
like by this time. That was back in 1964).
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