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Sorry, I have no more information on the Tanamoril story. I think DWJ
didn't do any serious citation - more creative work - and I'd love to
see the mini-(his)tory! I don't want to over-interpret a brief note from
DWJ, but it does hook up with her words becoming truth.

"When mages weave..."
+ any more details of what convinced the authorities to accept the name. 

Presumably, the fact that it was credible and authoritative was enough 
for whatever Government official read it.

+ And, Robyn, I think Chicken is an excellent name for a cat, its 
+ really funny.

I just can't help thinking of DiMassa's _Hothead Paisan_ comic every 
time I see this. Chicken (or "Mom's Little Turkey", sometimes) is my
favourite Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist's cat. There's an awful lot of
loving cat depiction in the comics (collected in one huge wristbreaking
book, or two smaller books). 
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