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> The fancy name/nickname appraoach is pretty much what 
> happened all in all the Dalemark books, does Dwj do this anywhere 
> else?. Tanaqui, Ii'm intrigued by the Tanamoril story, do you have 
> any more details of what convinced the authorities to accept the 
> name. On the whole I'm against regulation but the lack of it in the 
> UK has led to some unfortunate infants being landed with the 
> names of entire football teams and other embarrassments. A 
> recent story I heard from France concerned an English couple living 
> out there, who were unable to register their son as Oliver after his 
> father and innumerable grandsires because it wasn't on the official 
> list. They had to spell the boy's name the French way, Olivier I 
> think. That's silly.  

I've heard that you can give your child any name(s) you want (or maybe
has a proper history), provided that one name clearly states the gender
- so Kai, an equisex name (I've been reading Asimov ;), has to be Kai
Kerstin or sth, for a girl. Recently, more "foreign" names have
appeared (loads of baby Keanus after Matrix, e.g.), but more
"traditional" names appear to be heading the "hit lists". There's even
one Pumuckl, named after a cartoon kobold! The authorities also don't
allow names that might make the child victim of ridicule - but may have
become less strict.

I don't know any of this for sure, because I haven't named a child...
but once my sister, who works for the gov't and is keen on laws, has
one, I'll be a pro in this ;)

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