Marijuana and rabbits

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Rabbits and Australia...

Rabbits were an introduced species by the free settlers in the early
colonial days of Australia. They got loose and bred till they were vermin.
Rabbits are one of the largest pests in this country, followed closely by
Kangaroos. They destroy crops and grazing land and cause further soil
erosion by eating all the vegetation.

There's been several attempts to cull the population, one of the attempts
being to introduce the disease Mixomatosis to the rabbit population in the
hope they would kill themselves. This was partially successful but it means
touching rabbits anywhere in Victoria and parts of New South Wales is a
really bad idea. (Similar to Squirrels in California)

For the most part owning a rabbit is illegal (what happens if they get
out... another rabbit to add to the breeding cycle) however you can get a
licence to own one if you're an educational institution or day care centre.


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There's just us.

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