A travelling addict

Kylie Preisig ha9prek at my-deja.com
Sat Jul 22 00:16:07 EDT 2000

Speaking of addiction - I'm obviously addicted to this list!  I'm on holiday, and in Cairns, which is on the Barrier Reef in the north-east of Australia, and am I lying on a palm-fringed beach, sipping the alcoholic beverage of my choice?  


I am in a dingy little backpackers internet lounge forking out $4 per hour to read my DWJ digests!  Didn't I tell you people not to talk about anything interesting while I was gone??


I do drink - the odd glass of wine in the evenings and more at parties.  I don't smoke and never will, have had my father suffer a heart attack due to his smoking and having watched my grandfather die of lung cancer.  Never really been tempted to try any of the illegal drugs, except perhaps marijuana someday - but never smoking it.  It is apparantly much more carcinogenic than tobacco.

I would count myself as addicted to reading.  I too read cornflakes packets if I can't get anything else, and when I was about seven and living a hundred kilometers or so from the nearest library my mother was horrified to find me reading one one my uncle's dirty comic books!  I gave up reading for exams one year, and it was really really difficult!


I can remeber when it used to be illegal to keep any rabbits at all as pets.  It surprised me that grey ones are illegal.  Perhaps they just want people to keep the fancy breeds and not go down to the back paddock, shove a ferret down a rabbit hole and keep what comes out as a pet, breed it and release hundreds of healthy babies back out into the wild.

(There wouldn't happen to be any DWJ fans out there who also like ferrets, would there?)


My cat is called Spike.  After the character in the TV show "Press Gang".  Which is a great show and hasn't been repeated in far, far too long!


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