Sally Odgers sodgers at
Fri Jul 21 23:54:06 EDT 2000

>Someone, probably Maya Angelou, said "The child that is loved
>has many names" . This obviously applies to pets too.

We have - Tess - known as Tess Toad Tummy, TTT, Tumm-a, Total (from Totally
Toad Tummy), Tum-Tum, Tetty, Bitch, Beech, Bitchy-trot etc....  And yes, she
comes to none of them! Tess is very much a "Yeah, right!" little dog. Sweet
and obstinate. She has her own home page at

Then there are the cockatoos - Cracker aka Cracker von Evilbeak, aka EB, aka
Gurse aka Maaaan.
Joe - aka Joe-wug aka Cockyhead aka JC Corella
Lou aka Whipple claws aka Barrow aka Chap aka Cheeky chap.
Pippin aka Miss Owk aka Miss Pretty aka Rallack...

I won't continue, or else you'll know we're nuts (rather than just
suspecting it...)


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