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Fri Jul 21 16:02:45 EDT 2000

I belong to an amateur press association (apa) with a couple dozen other 
people and one of them ran an article through some months ago about someone 
(British, I think) who is trying to float a theory that the person who really 
wrote "Shakespeare's" plays was Kit Marlow. Marlow was doing undercover work 
for England's spymaster (forget the name) and when he got into a nasty bit of 
trouble from a public accusation of atheisim, was forced to fake his death 
and do a flit abroad and never return to England again. 

In his version, Shakespeare agreed to be front man and publish the works 
under his name. And that Marlow seeded the works with a few jeers at him over 
it, etc. 

The theory at least has the merit of being an interesting one...
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