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Fri Jul 21 15:07:56 EDT 2000

Britta wrote:
Someone else said that in English you can "verb nouns" or otherwise
change the language. Well, in German you aren't as free, only with the
creation of composite nouns (or the use of English words - I still
wonder how to write that past of "recyclen").

Hmmmm...In my Elementary German text last fall we learned the verb as 
"recyclieren" (with a past tense, IIRC, of "hat recycliert." Incorrect, or
just variation in usage?  Sometimes I wonder about elementary language
textbooks.  My experience with Spanish has revealed time and time again
that textbooks on ho3w to speak Language X and the language X that native
speakers speak somtimes have odd variations...

I sympathize, Britta, with your frustration over the mangling of German (I
hate how American pop culture deals with Spanish, e.g., the infamous 'Yo
quiero Taco Bell" ad campaign, which to the nit-picky (me) means something
more like "I want the Taco Bell company" instead of "I want some(thing
from) Taco Bell.)

Interestingly, I've found German to be a tough language to learn
(comnpared to French and Spanish anyway), while the German student I
stayed with last month said he felt English was very easy.  I know we have
several non-native English speakers on the list; any reaction to that?

Just curious,

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