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Fri Jul 21 11:45:25 EDT 2000

Sally O:
+ That's what I mean ... "the crew were" is something they may or may not be
+ correct, but which will sound incorrect to half of the people half of the
+ time. 

Since, technically, it is. The crew, acting as a unit, is singular.
Crewmembers would be plural.

+ "If I were you" is no problem, but some of the other was/weres do
+ bother people. 

"If I were you" is also correct, being in the subjunctive because I and you
are not the same. "If I was you" might be possible when speaking of taking
on a character role (acting/computer gaming/roleplaying), but would be a 
slightly sloppy usage, because the person speaking would be taking on a role
not the actual place of the person addressed i.e. would not actually be "you"
but a third party. 

Any Buddhists out there to tell me that the self is an illusion of dharma?
Conditional clauses expecting the negative take the subjunctive case.
Simple as that.

On names, there's a Tanaqui Meyer (a year old last month), whose naming
prompted DWJ to mention the German couple who wanted to call their child 
Tanamoril.  The German authorities require names to have a proven respectable 
history, which Diana duly and conscientously wrote for them. The Meyers had no 
trouble with the British authorities. 

Tanaqui (have to start using a surname once that Tanaqui starts sending
         email which doesn't consist of semi-random keyboard flailing) 
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