Speaking names

Robyn Starkey robyns at corplink.com.au
Fri Jul 21 07:17:11 EDT 2000

>Oh, he had a name.  We've had names picked out for all four of them before
>they were born.  We just tend to call him "the boy".

Did you tell people the names before the babies were born? I had a real 
phobia about telling people Xanthe's name before she was born, even though 
she was named very early on. I felt quite strongly that there was something 
not quite right about telling people her name, like it would give them 
something of her that she needed to keep control of - maybe I have taken 
Spellcoats and the other Dalemark books a bit to heart. It's okay now she's 
here, though. Of course, now she does have a secret name that was spoken 
once at her naming ceremony and will not be spoken again until her coming 
of age.

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