Bone-fires in Witch Week

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On Thu, 20 Jul 2000 HSchinske at wrote:

> As far as we could figure out, "bone-fire" is an obsolete spelling,
> not normal UK usage. Now, did DWJ do this on purpose, 

I think so.

> and if so,
> why didn't they keep it in the US edition?

Because US editors seem to think that American readers are stupid.
Yes, they really think that.

> I also suggested that "bone-fire" may have been a typo of DWJ's (I've read 
> that she is a terrible speller, from dyslexia or whatever), taken too 
> seriously by the UK publisher, since she doesn't ever explain the term as 
> being any different from "bonfire."

If that were so, her UK editors would have caught it. For one thing,
the pronunciation is different. I think she did do it on purpose:
"bonfire" could also mean a fire made to celebrate something, and a
"bone-fire" is, in the book, the *specific* fire to burn witches.


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