submarines, links to State development

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Thu Jul 20 21:23:36 EDT 2000

Lots of people have been talking about submarines, Im sorry but 
I've lost track of just who said what, I think this is Philip and Elise:

> > Submarines might well be fantastic fiction in Ingary, who is to say?  Sophy
> > and Neil are so awash in possible interpretations by that point, I thought
> > they would be nonplussed by anything.
> Now some sense begins to emerge.  Submarines part of fantastic fiction in
> Ingary, just as they seem to be in Caprona, and just as fairy tales are still
> considerd realist fiction in Ingary.  Yes, I can relate to that.

While I agree they could just be fantasy in Ingary I've another two 
pennorth to put in here. The first submarine was invented in the UK 
in the reign of one of the Charleses. They tested it and it worked 
but the king (I think) thought it was an unfair device to use (I swear 
I'm not making this up) so they binned the idea. Anyone out there 
know the proper details? So anyhow submarines are possible 
with an Ingarian kind of  technology.

This fits in with the state development thread, it illustrates nicely 
that whatever is in control of culture change its not technology on 
its own. Just because someone invents something doesn't mean 
people will use it.


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