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Thanks to everyone who worte in with Cat names

Tanaqui wrote
> Kish, a Sumerian city (black and white) 
> Interesting choice of vowel...
> + Cirocco, Pushkin's tortie and white daughter, 
> and consonant. Ah, a character reference. 

I'm sorry you lost me here.

> + Then there was Halo, a rather strange rescue cat, his surname 
was Jones too 
> + from the Judge Dread character. He preferred MR H. 

> > Judge Dredd. And wasn't Halo female? >

Dredd, yes of course, and Halo Jones was female and Halo the cat 
wasn't. I forgot the other name connection here in fact, Halo was 
another John Varley  character, from a short story or two. If I 
remember rightly s/he changed sex partway through. 
I don't think cats worry very much about the gender conventions of 
names anyway :-) I once wanted to find a black she cat, which I 
was going to call Bathsheba. In the summer before I'd started 
looking I saw a litter of kittens which included a little black one. 
And he was a Manx (tailless) and I fell in love with him. So when 
we got him home we thought of every black cat name we could. 
None of them suited , Bathsheba did. What did he care? We 
mostly called him Bad Cat anyway (In the sense in which Bad 
means Wicked of course!). The lack of a tail never bothered him, 
he actually had a tiny stump which he wagged when he was 
happy.  The other thing about Bathie was that he grew at a 
ridiculous rate. We instigated weighing sessions as he was a bit 
young when we got him (circumstances beyond our control). At 
one point he was gaining 1/2 lb a week (440g I think) and at six 
months weighed as much as many grown cats. And at that point 
he was the most peculiar looking creature, all lumps and bumps, 
not like a real cat at all. Well, he grew and grew and eventually all 
the lumpiness turned out to be muscles and he was a huge and 
handsome beast. I don't know whether this is characteristic of 
Manxes or if it was just Bathsheba.

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