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On Fri, 21 Jul 2000, Sally Odgers wrote:

> BTW, what is dutch pipe weed? I looked it up on the 'net and couldn't find
> anything. Even my daughter, who usually knows these things, hadn't heard of
> it. She thought it might be some kind of marijuana (can't spell that) but I
> think that's just because of the "weed" bit. 

Yes, it's marijuana (I can't spell it either), and I started using
the term after someone called it that in a discussion in (I think)
alt.smokers.pipes about inhaling smoke. There's some very good
quality pot grown in the Netherlands, usually called "Nederwiet"

> It did lead to an interesting
> discussion though - some substances are legal in some countries and illegal
> in others, so what happens, she wants to know,  if someone smokes something
> in a legal country then nips across the border and gets blood-tested? I'm
> inclined to think s/he would still be in trouble. 

Yes, I think so too; what is illegal is to be under the influence.
For instance, it's illegal to be drunk in a Dutch railway station,
but it doesn't matter whether you drink the booze inside or outside.

Marijuana is mostly illegal in the Netherlands, but tolerated;
strangely enough, possession of a small amount is not illegal, using
it is not illegal, even buying it is not illegal, but selling it is.

> We then looked up legal
> alcohol drinking ages and discovered a range from 14 (France) to 21 (USA).
> It's 18 here.

And here.

> Speaking of which - technically it's illegal to keep a grey pet rabbit in
> Australia.

Because of the rabbit disease which I can't spell either? (I think


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