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On Thu, 20 Jul 2000 12:07:28 -0400, McMullin, Elise wrote:

> Just because I am curious and you all are a well read group, what do you
>think of this? 

I can never resist talking about subjects where I have little real
knowledge, you know.  :)

Since the identity of "Shakespeare" isn't a subject I have primary knowledge
of, every time I read an argument on one side or another I'm temporarily
convinced that side is right.  But in general I tend to agree with the
writer Connie Willis, who says that a lot of the arguments for someone else
having written the works of Shakespeare have at their heart the biased
notion that just because someone comes from humble circumstances they can't
possibly be literate or literary or anything else (and she adds "The Bacon
theory seems to be based on a decoder ring" which I think is pretty funny.

Speaking of Connie Willis, her story "Winter's Tale" is her own Shakespeare
conspiracy theory story and I like it quite a bit.  (The theory, not the
story, though the story's pretty good too.)  At any rate, I'm fascinated
that a centuries-dead man can still provoke so much controversy.  I wonder
if the mythos of the shooting of John F. Kennedy will last as long.  No,
eventually the FBI will have to admit their complicity....

Melissa Proffitt
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