Bone-fires in Witch Week

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Thu Jul 20 11:26:10 EDT 2000

I'm quite new to the list, so forgive me if this has been discussed recently, 
but over on rec.arts.books.children, we were talking about the changes made 
to _Witch Week_ for the US market, and one that was mentioned was the change 
of "bone-fire" (yes, with a hyphen, and throughout the text) to "bonfire." As 
far as we could figure out, "bone-fire" is an obsolete spelling, not normal 
UK usage. Now, did DWJ do this on purpose, and if so, why didn't they keep it 
in the US edition?

I also suggested that "bone-fire" may have been a typo of DWJ's (I've read 
that she is a terrible speller, from dyslexia or whatever), taken too 
seriously by the UK publisher, since she doesn't ever explain the term as 
being any different from "bonfire."

What d'you all think?

Helen Schinske
HSchinske at
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